Corporate Video
Video is the preferred means of communication today, and this holds true for corporate communications, too. Whether it’s maintaining corporate branding, training employees, or providing media assets for in-house use, video is essential and the demand for higher quality content, delivered sooner, is only growing. Media production has unique requirements namely extreme performance and scalability—that don’t align with traditional IT operations. Some corporations try to adapt an ill-suited enterprise IT storage solution to media workflows and suffer the painful consequences of bottlenecks and incompatibility. Others buy a highpriced—and often limited functionality—proprietary solution only to find that it doesn’t meet IT standards orcan’t easily scale as needs grow.
StorNext is an end-to-end media production and archive solution offering the flexibility to start small and scale out as your needs grow. StorNext works seamlessly with your favorite production tools, and also meets stringent IT security and networking standards to fit into any corporate environment. The world’s top broadcasters and post production facilities use StorNext; now
corporate video departments can, too.
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