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Addressable advertising offers a tremendous opportunity for "Brands" and advertisers to optimize their marketing spend by delivering the right ad, to the right person, on the right device, when the viewer wants it. Today consumer wants information at their finger tips, along with emerging omni-screen access to support that need. Consumers are also demanding a more personalized experience and many are willing to pay for that as well. is the addressable advertising vehical the "Brands have been waiting for.

  • Consumer engagement on multiple screens is reaching new heights. Source enabled apps allow viewers to interact with real-time, time delayed, and on-demand programing to receive personalized information.
  • Source enabled apps increase engagement, differentiates programming and unlocks revenue streams within the programming.
  • Content creators have the flexibility to link to their media at any point without the need to rebuild or retrofit their data and content, because open platform will inherit any existing or added layers of data at any time and immediately make available to all targeted apps.
  • Programming for audience engagement doesn’t resonate how it used to. Source enabled apps allow one-to-one messaging and discovery, allowing viewers to initiate their engagement and become micro tastemakers.
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