The Source Digital Platform is a cloud-centric platform that allows content owners to design and fulfill advanced metadata and personalization strategies against their content. Creating an instantly accessible general and time based store of data and synced ancillary content across any platform and any screen.


Open Platform Strategy seamlessly interfaces with any existing asset management system, pre and post production data sources, and provides cognitive tools to rapidly identify and auto align production metadata for curation against the programming.


Increase Engagement

Leveraging a combination of state of the art data management along with a unique set of patented and patent pending IP, virtualizes the data and ancillary content and its relationship to the principal content, allowing for an unlimited and updatable store of information. Effectively making content interactive by detecting details featured in shows and movies and linking them to discoverable personalized user experiences – optimized for immediate calls-to-action against your content.


Extend Your Media

Source Digital captures and utilizes high levels of metadata for delivery and archiving to be used as needed for content distribution across theatrical, TV, OTT, radio, socialTV and more. Then link to your media with personalization; unlocking and monetizing content on any traditional and digital platform.


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